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Acupuncture in Pre-birth treatments

The most efficient, effective and non-invasive way to use acupuncture to help with delivery is to have acupuncture treatments before giving birth. In a study by Debra Betts and S. Lennox, printed in Medical Acupuncture2006 May 17(3):17-20 and titled: Acupuncture for prebirth treatment: An observational study of its use in midwifery practice, these results were found:

Acupuncture in pre birth treatment refers to receiving a series of treatments in the final weeks of pregnancy, which prepare women for childbirth. Research has shown that pre-birth Acupuncture can assist you in:

  • shortening the length of your labor
  • achieving 3-4 cm cervical dilation before going into labor
  • shortening the time of the first stage of your labor
  • reducing the chance that you may need to have your labor induced by 35% (43% for first births)
  • increasing your opportunity for cervical ripening before going into labor
  • reducing your chances of emergency caesarean by 32%

Research shows that the use of acupuncture from the 37th week of gestation until delivery can significantly improve the experience of labor and childbirth. Points are used to ripen the cervix, to promote optimal energy and stamina for the mother, and to help position the baby in the best position for labor.

In considering using acupuncture to aid in readying a woman for delivery, stimulating contractions is not enough. It is best to help women thru natural birth by ripening the cervix. This is not just about the cervix opening up. Sometimes women have a hard cervix. It is important that the effacement of the cervix thins out and thin down. When it’s thins, it softens and it opens up. If the cervix is 3-4 cm dilated before going into labor, the mother’s body is better prepared, relaxed, open and ready to give birth naturally.


MaryAnne Bachia is a licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist, currently working in the state of Colorado. MaryAnne specializes in working with Acupuncture and herbs and chronic diseases, such as lymes, cancer, parkinsons, chronic fatigues, metabolic issues and any digestive issues.

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