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Sound healing used for acupuncture treatments

Sound Healing

Sound healing is used, specifically, with certain acupuncture treatments. The vibration assists the needle to vibrate at a deeper level. Sound has been used for healing since the beginning of …

How to use and not use essential oils for your health , well being and meditation

The Healing power of Essential Oils

I can’t believe how popular Essential Oils have gotten!  Essential oils have changed my life! I love teaching people to empower their health and well being using essential oils. As …

How to use meditation and Qi Gong to heal your body

How to Use your Breathing for Healing

“If you can’t heal it with breath, try meditation. If you can’t heal it with meditation, try exercise If you can’t heal it with exercise, try nutrition. If you can’t …

13 self healing tips to change your life easily

13 Self-Healing tips to change your life

I’ve gathered a list of lifestyle recommendations to assist you in your self-healing process. Take a bath before bed.  This relaxes you and eases you into sleep. Follow it by massaging …