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How to use and not use essential oils for your health , well being and meditation

The Healing power of Essential Oils

I can’t believe how popular Essential Oils have gotten!  Essential oils have changed my life! I love teaching people to empower their health and well being using essential oils. As …

13 self healing tips to change your life easily

13 Self-Healing tips to change your life

I’ve gathered a list of lifestyle recommendations to assist you in your self-healing process. Take a bath before bed.  This relaxes you and eases you into sleep. Follow it by massaging …

7 Lifestyle changes to help you heal

7 Lifestyle changes to help you Heal

Take a bath before bed. Relaxes Facial rejuvenation  — the face relaxes most when we sleep – between the hours of 1 and 3. Skin products, applied before bed, work …