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3 Ways to Battle Allergies this Season

From the Chinese point of view, allergies and sinusitis begin with the stomach, with the digestion. The digestion is responsible for taking in food and separating the clear from the turbid nutrients. If the digestion is taxed or if the body is not functioning well enough to disseminate nutrients properly, we accumulate toxins. This toxicity makes it hard for us to breathe.
Here are 3 ways to reduce the effects of allergies this year:

  1. Digestion – stay away from greasy heavy foods. Also, stay away from the 3 major food groups which people are most allergic to: wheat, dairy and sugar. These 3 food groups can slow the metabolism and add toxins to the body. This makes it difficult to transform our food energy to nutrients. This slows us down and adds congestion to the lungs. From the Chinese point of view, the stomach creates phlegm and the lungs store it. If the stomach and digestion are creating an abundance of phlegm, the lungs can be thrown out of balance. This creates the difficult breathing and lung congestion we associate with allergies.
  2. Keep your lungs strong – yoga or singing can strengthen the lungs. Healthy lungs helps us our elimination. During allergy season, it is important to eliminate toxins. This also helps to keep the immune system strong and our Qi moving smoothly. The lungs and our breathing have a key role in keeping our qi or vital force, flowing. Exhaling toxins is as important as inhaling and is vital to keeping our immune system strong.
  3. Your Liver – Keep the liver and the blood clean. The liver has 2-300 functions. Most important, it is the major cleansing organ of the body. It cleans the blood, which flows thru the rest of the body and all the organs. Drinking chloraphyll is both a gentle and powerful way to effectively cleanse the liver and the blood. You can drink 1-2 tablespoons daily to cleanse your liver. This can also help to cleanse your gallbladder and your elimination. Another wonderful thing about Chloraphyll is, it can aid in any type of pain management, physical as well as emotional. It soothes the liver and helps to balance the ph in the body.

The food you eat, the air you breathe, your thoughts and your emotional environment, add to your health and care of your body. These are the tools that help your body to heal. They help the nervous system relax, fuel our energy and improve our immunity.

With Chinese Medicine, you learn about the foods and nutritional habits which benefit you and enhance your longevity. You also learn about the nutrition which is weakening your health. 

Sun Si Miao, a famous Chinese practitioner, stated, that if a person created a healthy lifestyle, including diet, 80% of their health problems would be remedied. The best nourishment comes from a relaxed, calm mind. 

In Chinese medicine, there is recognized, the dual aspects of yin and yang. Yin is the substance, the nourishing, grounding quality. Yang is movement, change, transformation and transportation. Think of it in the analogy of a car. A car has an engine and there is oil in the engine to help the car move. This helps so there is not so much friction with the movement. In this example, the engine is yang and the oil in the engine is yin. Many people in today’s modern world run the engine without much oil in it. This is especially true, as we age. Eating is a process where we bring external energies into our body’s center. Our bodies rely on our ability to transform these raw materials into usable nutrition, supplementing our blood, bones, organs and bodily functions.

When we eat, we open ourselves to take in yin nourishing substances and yang functional qualities. Subtle qualities like our state of mind during meal times can greatly affect our ability to digest. A healthy mind and emotional state leads to a proper mental attitude to eating. This leads to energy infusing the Stomach and Spleen, allowing proper digestion and absorption.


MaryAnne Bachia is a licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist, currently working in the state of Colorado. MaryAnne specializes in working with Acupuncture and herbs and chronic diseases, such as lymes, cancer, parkinsons, chronic fatigues, metabolic issues and any digestive issues.

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