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Growing a healthy baby in utero

Acupuncture for Breech Presentation

Breech presentation effects about 4% of pregnancies. The most effective time to work on turning a breech baby is between the 34th and 37h week. If you know your baby is breech …

Posterior pregnancy

Pregnancy and Posterior Position

Positioning is also important as that will help with ripening the cervix. It is important that the baby’s chin is tucked down. This is a flexed head. When the head …

Treat your Allergies with Chinese Medicine

3 Ways to Battle Allergies this Season

3 Ways to Battle Allergies this Season From the Chinese point of view, allergies and sinusitis begin with the stomach, with the digestion. The digestion is responsible for taking in …

Nightshades cause inflammation and aggravate arthritis

14 Foods that are good for Arthritis

Foods that have shown to be beneficial for the treatment of arthritis are: Onions Garlic Ginger Turmeric Azuki beans Cauliflower Broccoli Cherries and cherry juice Pineapple Walnuts Olive oil Salmon …

food allergies effect your gut

Food Allergies and Gut health

It’s not unusual to have allergies and gut health issues. The lungs and the stomach are related. You take in our breath, with your lungs. You take in food through …

Tips for a healthy labor

Top 5 Tips for Childbirth

Here are 5 tips to help you give birth when you and your baby are ready. Have pre-birth acupuncture – Acupuncture once a week from your 37th week till birth …